Friday, April 27, 2012

RTS April Photo Challenge: Water

It's another photo challenge! Love these :)

This one is for Rock the Shot and the theme is WATER.  This one challenged me a bit just because there are so many different images that the theme of water conjures up.  Here in California the weather is quite bipolar in April haha I mean it was literally 93 degrees last week!'s only Spring! The week before that we had thunder and lightning storms.  And this week, well let's say it rained again yesterday.  Sheesh ..Can't figure out if I need an umbrella or a bikini this month!

Anyway, I favored the sun over the rain and here is my submission...

Gina was floating around the pool soaking up the sun while I was soaking it up on the diving board.  I looked down at her and shouted "Hey! You are so photogenic right now!  Don't move!" haha

Do you enjoy the rain or the sun more in April? Hope you have both your umbrella and beach gear handy in any case ;)

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