Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | By The Book

Another week. Another I Heart Faces photo challenge :)

This week the theme required a book.  Immediately I thought of Heather.  During this shoot she requested I photograph her with a book.  While going through the proofs I kept coming back to this shot because it gave me a sense of reverie.  Ya know how you can read an epic love story and you picture yourself in the fantasy world you're reading? I feel as though she's lost in her thoughts...daydreaming of her epic love story. 

This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. Very nice. I love the touch of light on the right.

  2. I Love this picture!! Great color to it!

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  4. Hey, I found you on makeupbee :)
    Following you.

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    1. Yay :) Haven't checked into makeupbee in awhile...will have to log in and come say hi! xo.

  5. beautiful lashes