Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work in Progress

Hello cupcakes. Welcome to the commencement of my official Shinehaus blog.  Let's pop this cherry :)

So, first thing's first...

Right now I'm sure those of you who are already acquainted with me are wondering, "Uh ok SiSi, what is this Shinehaus business all about?"  Well, it's quite simple actually.  As some of you may already know, I have been honing my photography and makeup skills over the past couple of years.  There is a story behind my work and the passion that drives it.  Someday I'm sure to share it here but for the sake of this particular blog post lets stick to the subject {haha}.

So because my skills and services extend farther than one specific area of profession (eg. Sierra Lynn Photography and Makeup by Sierra), I decided perhaps it was time to brand a name that would encompass all I have to offer.  Enter.... drumroll please :).... Shinehaus.  I've toyed with the word 'Shine' for quite some time and for a couple of reasons.  One of those reasons may be quite obvious.  Shine is a term that for me relates to both photography and makeup.  My objective when photographing and applying makeup is to make the person or object in front of me Shine.  So there ya have it folks.  Welcome to my Haus of Shine :)

After months of preparation and many sleepless nights, I finally launched my web site {hooooray}.  It's still a work in progress but I'm excited to finally have it up and running.  Go peep it if you haven't already {prettyplease and thankyouverymuch :)} ~~~~ >

I will continue to work on the page, price points and edit/re-edit photos for my online portfolio as I see fit I am never satisfied {haha} I'm eternally connecting and updating through my personal Facebook via my Droid or laptop however I decided a blog that corresponds with my website would perhaps be a more appropriate place to elaborate on my adventures.

Shinehaus will clearly be dedicated to my makeup and photography work however I'm certain it will also provide an outlet to other relevant interests in my life.  I'm a self proclaimed product whore, so it's safe to assume you will see me post about people, places and things related to all things beauty as well.

Well, I guess this wraps up my first Shinehaus blog.  I hope you enjoyed my cherry popping experience :)

Stay tuuuuned!

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