Friday, April 29, 2011

Dipped in Champagne.

Models Own in Champagne NP073
I am so excited about this polish color that I had to share :)

So I'm sure you are all aware of how tricky it can be to shop for makeup or polish online.  I don't usually like to order cosmetics online unless I am restocking product I have already owned or sampled.  Obviously I prefer to buy in store but I don't always have that luxury especially when it involves product made and sold over seas.

With that said, I discovered a company called Models Own that is based in London.  Last year, while on the hunt for the perfect minty/jade green I saw a makeup guru with the perfect shade by Models Own in...what else... Jade Stone.  Of course I had to buy it immediately so I wound up buying Jade Stone as well as 4 other colors because if you buy 5 you save something like $10.  Although you wind up spending that money on shipping :(

  If you are anything like me you dislike shipping fees : /  I am usually pretty good at hunting down companies that offer free shipping but I had to get my hands on this polish :)

Anyway, it was worth every penny.  This polish is pretty top notch.  It goes on effortlessly smooth and ONE coat is sufficient!  I always finish with a top coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat which helps speed up drying time as well.  Seriously, if you are in a hurry you can slap this stuff on and be out the door in 5 minutes without worrying about dents or dings.  

Now I usually change my polish every couple of days or so because I like to switch up the colors.  So I have never given it a longevity test but I would be willing to bet it will last you a generous amount of time before chipping or peeling.

The sucky part??? They have sooo many colors that it was difficult to choose the right ones {haha}.  I decided I wanted to get a few metallic colors.  Silver generally looks better on my skin tone than gold but I wanted to try a color that was somewhere in between and Champagne looked to fit the bill.  

When it arrived I took one look at the bottle and was immediately disappointed because it did not look like the same color I ordered.  Boo.  But I tried it anyway... I mean it did travel a long way to get here ;)  Wow! I was pleasantly surprised to see how different it looked on my nails.  I love it YAY :)

Now this brings me full circle.  After many trial and errors with polishes over the past year I have learned that my eye always gravitates towards certain colors as I am sure yours does as well.  So do yourself a favor... next time you go polish shopping, I suggest you take a minute to go back and look at colors you may have overlooked before. You might be pleasantly surprised and score a new polish loverrr :)

Dipped in Champagne,

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