Saturday, July 23, 2011

WIN your own SEDONA LACE Kabuki & Luggage

'What's a kabuki and luggage', you ask?

Well before I get in to the description of this amazing set and the company that is giving it away, lay your eyes on this...

These pretty little brushes and case are the Sedona Lace Kabuki AND Luggage.

They are high quality synthetic Kabuki brushes that are made to not absorb too much product.  They are designed to keep powder on the tips of the bristles for a better application to the skin.  And as you can see, the handles are stamped with the Sedona Lace logo.  The genius case to the left is the Luggage to carry one in!  Because who wants to get powder all over the inside of their purse and belongings much less ruin their brushes, right! ;)

Sedona Lace is the cosmetic company that is giving away one of these Kabuki brushes and Luggage!  They are only a few years young and already competing with other high quality companies.

So, 'how do you enter', you ask?

Well, all you have to do is post a blog about the Sedona Lace Kabuki Brush and Luggage.  They are also offering additional entries which include...

*following @SedonaLace on Twitter
*requesting Sedona Lace on Facebook
*liking Sedona Lace on their Facebook Fan Page
*subscribing to Sedona Lace's YouTube channel

Just head over to the Sedona Lace Blog Post for all the officials rules and how to enter.

and P.S. the Midnight Lace color is my favorite!

Happy blogging and Good Luck Cupcakes :)

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